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With the help of our experienced team of software engineers, we assure a guaranteed unique piece of art for your e-commerce system. With various themes and layouts to pick from and customize, we offer the best possible options for you to grow your business and make a mark in the online market.

Content Management System

On an e-commerce website, it is difficult to manage the content that is used to describe the products or give the right product specification and details. At Adrav, we make this herculean task a cakewalk by placing a Content Management System to add, edit and manage your data at ease.

B2B and B2C – Ease of Use

Managing your consumers and businesses is an important aspect of every e-commerce firm. We at Adrav make sure that you don’t go through the hassle of managing your B2B transactions as well as B2C transactions. As we make it easy to manage both of these under one roof. Be it connecting the consumers to the right businesses, or availing the right amount of stocks to take care of the supply and demand chain, we place our innovative algorithms to automatically take care of these tasks for you, so that you are free to use your time more efficiently.

Staff Management System

Our Staff Management System puts your employees ahead of the game in making sure that the customers are pointed in the right direction and receive the right products that meet their needs. With the help of our automated product recommendations, we are always providing the right resources to your employees to assist your clients.

Product Inventory

With the help of our Content Management System, it is easy to maintain the product inventory at ease. As an e-Commerce website, we understand that accurate information about the description and the availability of a certain product is key to your success. With our wireframe, we make sure that you never miss a mark and are on point at every step of the way.

Customer Relationship Management

The success of any business is customer satisfaction and the key to achieving this is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients. With the help of our Customer Relationship Management system, we make it easy for customers to connect with your company at ease, we also make it point to maintain the history so that your client doesn’t have to go all over again for any needs or queries that they may have.

Latest Technologies

Only the Best in the Market

We thrive for excellence and take pride in using only the latest software system there is in the market, be the PHP, MySQL, or Mobile Application platforms, we are determined to design all our projects to keep it up to date and competitive in the market. Displayed below are some of the technologies that we use and render for.

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